Monday, July 05, 2010

Brian & Kristi are Married!!

On July 3rd we travelled up to Smith Lake for the beautiful wedding of Brian & Kristi. It was a perfect day at the lake and we had such a great time working with them and their families. Also a big thanks to the neighbors who decided to shoot of some fireworks while we were outside with the couple, it was a wonderful surprise ending to the night! We will be heading back up for their reception on the 17th so stay tuned for more photos later this month! Congrats guys!


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!

A special blog post to share some unexpected photos with you from last night. We were at Smith Lake for Brian & Kristi's wedding when the neighbors shot fireworks right behind them while we were taking some night photos!!

The other two photos were the most unexpected of the night. As we were driving home we came up to a bridge going over the lake and the marina was doing a fireworks show! We stopped on the side of the road and caught the end of it all but what was even more impressive than the fireworks were all the boats on the water watching...they lit up the water for as far as you could see, it was incredible!!!! So thanks for looking and hope you are all enjoying your holiday!