Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bart + Sarah {Fall Garden Wedding}

Bart & Sarah had perfect fall weather for their big day at Mathews Manor this past weekend! They were married in the gazebo of Rebecca Gardens & had a lovely reception afterward. Hope you enjoy this preview of their wedding & Congrats to the newlyweds!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ryan & Kait : War Eagle Engagement (& just a little shower)

So here's the story of how I ended up driving home from an Auburn engagement session soaking wet...

Ryan & Kait asked me to come to Auburn for their engagement session since it means so much to them both. Even though the weather was iffy I thought we'd be ok so I headed down for their session and we decided to start with some formal photos at the Art museum in a beautiful garden there. 

Shortly after we started I felt a few raindrops. Then a few more rain drops... I had looked at the radar right before and there was a little rain headed for us but we certainly didn't expect that the strongest popup shower of the day had just developed right on top of us! I took the photo of them kissing under the tree (2nd below) then it really started to rain & all three of us ran to the trunk of that tree to wait it out. For a while the tree kept us mostly dry but the rain persisted and it got to the point that Ryan had to try to cover Kait with his jacket & I was covering my camera with my shirt! We were all getting soaked & decided to make a run for the front of the museum where we would be safe from the shower but of course we all got even more soaked on the way there! Finally the rain stopped and we were able to continue the session.

Luckily Ryan & Kait had other outfits to change in to, I was not quite so lucky but I wasn't going to let some soggy jeans stop me from getting these great shots for them! We traveled down the road to Auburn University campus to get a few more photos and to our surprise it hadn't seen a drop of rain, it was crazy! They enjoyed some lemonade from Toomer's Drug store then they tried to "roll" me with toilet paper for a few shots (an Auburn tradition). We even had their dogs join us for a few photos too! It was a really fun session & totally worth the 2+ hour drive for me...

And that's how I ended up driving home from an Auburn engagement session soaking wet... but smiling :)